Turnkey Lease / Purchase Program

The Authority offers a program that is a unique opportunity for first time homebuyers. The lease purchase program offers eligible tenants the ability to become homebuyers of their own unit by participating in a workshops and a rent payment set-aside initiative that helps families save up for down payment and closing costs after two years of program participation. Interested families agree to attend homebuyer training classes and learn about long term costs and obligations that ownership means.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE –  Turnkey Application – English Version

York Housing Authority and its partner CONE, Inc are collaborating with the YWCA to improve the Old Towne East neighborhood, located in York City.  Eligible homebuyers will have incomes at or below the Section 8 levels and will have to honor a deed restriction to use the house only for homeownership for five years.

The houses have been completely rehabilitated. Currently, two homes have been refurbished and are ready for homeownership.  We hope to have two more ready by fall.  YHA and CONE have a goal to rehab at lease six more houses within the next 18 months.  Additionally, York Habitat for Humanity is building and rehabilitating four houses in the neighborhood.