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Section 8 Payment Standards – 11/1/2022


City County
0 Bedroom $828.00 $907.00
1 Bedroom $927.00 $1015.00
2 Bedroom $1184.00 $1297.00
3 Bedroom $1541.00 $1688.00
4 Bedroom $1647.00 $1804.00
5 Bedroom $1894.00 $2074.00
6 Bedroom $2140.00 $ 2344.00

Payment Standards are used to calculate the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) that the Section 8 program pays to the owner on behalf of the family leasing the unit.  Each Housing Authority has latitude in establishing its own schedule of payment standard amounts by bedroom size.  If the family leases a unit with the rent plus utilities (gross rent) at/below the family’s payment standard, the family’s share of the rent will be approximately 30% of their monthly income.  If the rent plus utilities is higher than their payment standard, the family’s share will be higher than 30% of their monthly income but cannot be more than 40% of their income.