You can submit documents in a word format or a pdf to any of the email addresses below.

For landlords submitting rent increase requests: Rentincreaserequest@yorkhousing.org

For households submitting income changes and any other changes, adding expenses, adding or removing household members, etc.:


For all incoming port packets and inquiries: incomingportability@yorkhousing.org

For all outgoing port requests: Outgoingportability@yorkhousing.org

For all move requests and move packets: moverequest@yorkhousing.org

For owners/agents submitting ownership changes, changes in agent, or changes in direct deposit accounts:



The Public Housing program is a federal program that provides decent and safe rental housing assistance for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Public Housing units are owned and managed by York Housing Authority. Some of the units are grouped in a single community (such as the multi-family developments, high-rise apartment buildings, or mid-rise buildings). Some are found distributed throughout the county’s participating communities in “scattered sites” which are houses and apartment buildings that have been re-modeled by the authority.

Public Housing residents pay no more than 30% of their adjusted gross income for rent and basic utilities. YHA manages approximately 1,066 rental housing units in York City and York County. YHA selects its residents after they have completed the application process, have come to the top of the waiting list, and satisfied various eligibility criteria. These criteria include: income eligibility, housekeeping, rental history, criminal history, and financial responsibility.