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The Social Services Department of the Housing Authority of the City of York (YHA) would like to welcome you to your home. We offer a wide range of programs and services to assist and enhance the life opportunities and self-sufficiency efforts of individuals and families residing in Wellington Homes,  Parkway Homes, Broad Park Manor,  Stony Brook Manor, Springfield Apartments, Fielding Way, Fairmont and Fairmont Village; we also offer supportive services to our Tax Credit Sites: Waverly Court,  Village Court and Homes at Thackston Park.

The Social Service Department is a resource center for all residents in our Public Housing programs throughout York County. Services are thoughtfully designed to address the specific needs of household members of all ages and abilities. We provide a variety of resources and support to residents with the goal of increasing independence and self-sufficiency. These services include but are not limited to referrals to partnering agencies, assistance with obtaining food and paying for utilities, eviction, child care referrals, completing forms/applications, job search and community service assistance, social, medical and mental health assistance services, literacy and education, job training, youth activities, holiday activities and assistance to resident organizations. The Housing Authority has partnered with several community organizations to provide their expertise and offer continuum of services.

YHA also offers a Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS). Participation generally lasts five (5) years, during which participants identify educational, professional and personal goals. The FSS program involves goal setting, mentoring and financial incentives to empower families in making positive life changes. As a part of YHA’s FSS program, participants work with their Case worker to develop a plan that outlines specific activities needed to achieve their economic self-sufficiency goals. As participants achieve employment goals and increase household income from wages, their rent increases. An amount equitable to the monthly rent increase is set aside each month into an escrow savings account. When participants meet all of their goals and graduate from the program, they are eligible to receive a payout of the escrow accrued during their participation.

Our offices are located at 31 S. Broad Street, York, PA 17403 Phone: 717-845-2601

Programs offered to Section 8 and Public Housing Residents:

Family Self-Sufficiency

Section 8 Homeownership Program

Resident Initiatives Coordinating Efforts

Budget Counseling

Community Partners

Meet Your Social Services Staff